Elizabeth Longo

Be the best version of yourself.

Free your mind and awaken to your full potential. Dance in the field of boundless possibilities. Become a joyful magnet for what you want. What you want, wants you!


About Elizabeth

I am an inspirational speaker, teacher, and life coach who is passionate about self-realization and creating a world that works for all. My dynamic messages speak to the heart of who we are as unique loving Divine beings here on a soul’s journey to self discover and create new possibilities for ourselves and others. I AM committed to the awakening of humanity. I am an intuitive, authentic, a spiritual teacher and coach. I AM dedicated to working with you when you are ready to dismantle your story and become the best version of yourself.

Some of what I offer you


As a coach I am committed to your success and to hold you accountable in order for you to have extraordinary results.

Group Experiences

Whether it is a class, retreat, workshop, wedding and/or ritual, one thing is very clear, I am passionate about creating Sacred Spaces for transformation and facilitating processes for the creative genius to arise in you.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking authentically from my heart is my passion for over a decade.


I am a Certified Ministry Consultant and will work with your organization to help you navigate changes, envision and create your future. I facilitate Board trainings and customized leadership trainings and retreats.